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Dr. Max Wachtel has conducted more than 3000 evaluations on individuals ranging from those with mild adjustment difficulties to psychopathic first-degree murderers. He has conducted evaluations in the following areas: general psychology; neuropsychology; forensic assessment; anger management; depression; anxiety; PTSD/Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; Schizophrenia; psychosis; substance abuse; DUI; domestic violence; testamentary capacity; guardianship; employment/disability; competency; sanity; malingering.

He is a clinical forensic psychologist, specializing in criminal and civil evaluations for both attorneys and the courts. He was a university professor for 12 years, teaching grad-level classes in psychological assessment, cognitive evaluations, and legal and ethical issues related to psychology. 


Dr. Max Wachtel has testified and/or been deposed more than 45 times. He has experience with working with the defense and with the prosecution/plaintiff. He has been qualified as an expert in psychology, forensic psychology, competency evaluations, sanity evaluations, guardianship, testamentary capacity, and disability. He has also served as advisory witness for both the prosecution and the defense.