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Read archived copies of Dr. Max Wachtel’s weekly newsletter, The 702, containing information about forensic psychology, general psychology, , expert witness, legal issues, and case law.


THE 702: Weekly newsletter Archives


Dr. Death makes two appearances in this week’s newsletter, along with a picture of me wearing combat boots and a flannel shirt from the 1990s. Click here to read more.



Meet Artemis, the black and tan coonhound! Plus, learn about the language of psychopaths, civil competencies, and what it takes to be an expert witness. And, I’ll be on 9News every day next week. Click here to learn why.



This week, there are terrifying spiders (I have a spider phobia, so this article gave me the creeps), the death penalty, and ten great historical case studies. Plus, how do you put together a mitigating evidence packet based on the psychological profile of your client? Click here to read more.