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Max Wachtel Forensic Psychologist Denver Colorado

Dr. Max Wachtel is a forensic psychologist in Denver, Colorado. He has conducted thousands of evaluations for courts and private attorneys. He taught at the University of Denver for twelve years. He is the 9News Psychologist at KUSA TV in Denver, CO, and he is the behavioral profiler on the CBS show, Hunted.


about me


I've spent a lot of time in jail. Mostly as a visitor, not an inmate.

A forensic psychologist by training, I have a clinical practice where I conduct evaluations in criminal and civil courts (including state, federal, and military courts-martial). In 2001, I graduated from the University of Denver with a doctorate in counseling psychology. Since then, I've worked with individuals ranging from those with normal adjustment difficulties to psychopathic first-degree murderers. Out of the more than 2600 people I have evaluated, I've only feared for my life once.

I grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming, where I developed a love of the outdoors. I grew up hiking, skiing, camping, and running. I ran my first road race at the age of 10, and I completed my first triathlon when I was 14.

I went to college at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I double majored in psychology and religious studies. I moved to Denver in 1996 to start graduate school and never left. Living in Denver allows me to continue to indulge my passion for the outdoors.

My mission with my work is to serve justice and to uphold the rights of people with emotional and cognitive difficulties. I see my work as protecting and upholding the Bill of Rights, and I balance that with a strong desire to protect the public. I also work as the 9NEWS Psychologist (KUSA-TV Denver), where I shed light on the inner workings of the human mind and help people understand how to better their lives.

Dr. Wachtel is a compassionate, hardworking scientist in the field of forensic psychology. He is grounded and truly concerned for producing proper opinions based on cognizable facts. He is also affable and a very good listener. He testified in a murder trial where I was the defense attorney and did an admirable job. I could not recommend someone more.
— Attorney John S.