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Dr. Wachtel is arguably the top forensic psychologist in Colorado and always my first choice when I need a skilled expert to explain complex science to others.
— Attorney Paul G.
Dr. Wachtel is my go-to-expert. I can always count on him to understand what are often strange fact patterns, and correlate my client’s conduct with a medical opinion. Often times, my clients have gone years (perhaps even a lifetime) without any medical diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Wachtel is able to quickly and accurately diagnose my clients and help them seek the treatment they need. Simply put, his reports have saved the lives of my clients.
— attorney Doug R.
As a criminal defense attorney, Dr. Wachtel’s work serves a dual-purpose for my clients. First and foremost, he helps them work through the problems that contributed to their landing in my office in the first place. Many grow attached to Dr. Wachtel and the process, and continue their treatment well after their criminal case is closed. Second, Dr. Wachtel helps me humanize my clients for the prosecution by providing me with thorough, thoughtful letters detailing the client’s diagnosis, commitment, and progress in treatment. In my experience, these letters are very well received by the prosecution and often help me obtain better results.
— Attorney Lindsay R.
First and foremost, you were fabulous on the stand yesterday! I so appreciate all of your hard work, your excellent writing skills and your ability to withstand withering cross. The fact that you maintain your own pace is so important.
— Attorney Martha R.
Dr. Max Wachtel has testified for me several times, in hearings and trial. His credentials and expertise impress both judges and juries, but more importantly, he knows how to make the most difficult concepts understandable. On the witness stand, Dr. Wachtel comes across as very down-to-earth, and in my experience, judges and juries can’t help but like him.
— Attorney Melody A.
As a lawyer, I often require the assistance of a clinical psychologist and frequently with short notice. I can always count on Dr. Max Wachtel to provide professional, thorough and fair assessments in a timely manner. He is also very compassionate and personable when dealing with my clients, and they always have good things to say about him. I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues alike.
— Attorney Michael M.
Dr. Wachtel is a compassionate, hardworking scientist in the field of forensic psychology. He is grounded and truly concerned for producing proper opinions based upon cognizable facts. He is also affable and a very good listener. He testified in a murder trial where I was the defense attorney and did an admirable job. I could not recommend someone more.
— Attorney John S.